Can I give more than 5 stars??  Lauren is a 10 star therapist.  I was recently diagnosed with lymphedema in 2021, I was blessed to have the world’s greatest therapist, Lauren Miller, put her healing hands on me.

Since she moved, I haven’t been able to find a set of hands that come close to being like Lauren’s.  She has the best bed side manor, the firmest but gentlest hands, and she makes sure you are doing everything you are supposed to be and getting all of the necessary equipment that helps to reduce your fluid blockage.

I am grateful she was brought into my life.  Anyone who gets the opportunity to get her healing touch needs to be thanking their lucky stars because as far as I am concerned she is the BEST! 


Post-op Plastic Surgery

My skin is more comfortable. Not as much pulling. The fibrosis on my sides is almost gone after just 1 visit. Wow!


I felt the best today then I have been feeling. I got out of bed without struggle and I wasn't hunched over like I usually am. I'm serious, I would have never believed myself if I heard it from somewhere else. It has to be that massage. 


Lymphatic Wellness

Lauren's calm gentle presence is lovely! Thank you!


I thoroughly enjoyed my massage with Lauren. Highly recommend!



I had a wonderful experience with Best Life Occupational Therapy. My session with Lauren was relaxing and so informative on the benefits of manual lymphatic drainage. It was my first experience with that type of treatment and it was great! I am also currently breast feeding and the work she did helped increase my milk supply! I highly recommend Best Life Occupational Therapy! 


Lauren is so kind and has definitely found her calling in the work she does! I loved the knowledge she shared and her eagerness to continue learning more! She helped with clearing clogged ducts and mastitis. Will definitely use her again!